"I'm not sure I can sum up into words how powerful this work has been for me, all I can say is I feel alive, connected, and open again after 6 years of hibernation."

~John Schafer, Texas

"A friend asked me the other day, what are you doing differently and have you had surgical work done on your skin lately, because you look 15 years younger? I told her the only change I've added in my routine is receiving your monthly energy work."

~Carla Hagopian, Glendale. CA

"In the two months I've been receiving the energy work, I finally got the courage to end an unhealthy relationship, have booked 3 of the biggest acting gigs of my life, and my confidence level is through the roof!"

~ Audrey Lynn, Los Angeles

"Prior to working with Emmanuel, my marriage was about to be over and my health was quickly going South. I started working with Emmanuel in February of 2010 and all I have to say is that by May 2010 my husband and I renewed our wedding vows in front of all our friends and family. It was even more special for me, because Emmanuel was able to attend my wedding. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been. This work has changed my life."

~Meredith Edwards, Seattle WA

"I got into some financial troubles a while back and was facing some major legal issues, hence things did not look good. After working with Emmanuel for a little while I began noticing the crazy anxiety I was having for the past few years disappeared. I felt more calm and was able to trust that everything was going to work itself out. I just found out that my legal case was resolved in my favor. This is like a crazy miracle and I am still flabbergasted! Thank you Universe for giving me a second chance."

~Scott Cook, Rockville Maryland

"I used to always have this unconscious need to control everything in my life. I was always worried about the specifics of how everything and everyone should be. All that did was set me up for disappointment after disappointment. After working with Emmanuel for several sessions, I noticed a huge release & shift within myself. All of a sudden I could actually enjoy each moment of my life without feeling like I always had to do something or always need to be in control of everything around me. The very minute I was able to surrender to life and go with the flow, everything opened up in my life from relationships, more joy, to better health. If you need support, love, and are ready to transform your life, I feel 150% confident that you've come to the right place."

~Megan Weignhart, San Francisco CA

"Wow! Emmanuel, I can't believe it is just as you said it. Today I went to a little cosmetic clinic place to get a treatment, never been there before. After a short conversation with the owner said she is expanding and offered me to work with her!!! I didn't even try to sell her anything! She offered it herself! We also discovered we have same beliefs and work ethics! I walked out of there saying Holy Grail! It's almost like a divine intervention. I am so happy and thanks for your work Emmanuel! I keep remembering now about the wholeness and perfection that exists in me and everyone else. I'm spreading the word about it too."

~Evelina Kassai RN

"You've made miracles a real & concrete experience in my life, and for that I'm forever grateful. I love The Core Work©."

~Carol Murrey, Iowa

"I've worked with a healing therapist for almost 9 years. What Emmanuel was able to do in 2 sessions has far surpassed what my other previous Dr. was able to do in 9 years. I have never experienced such real and lasting transformation as I have with The Core Work© method. I will never be the same person I was before. My health has improved, my finances have tripled, and my relationships have healed. I'd say I am forever grateful to this man and his profound work.

~Arthur Buchanan, Bridgeport CT

"Thank you Emmanuel for offering an affordable monthly healing circle. A few months of being in to being in the Club Miracles family, my health has radically improved, I got a great new job that I love, and my anxiety of 20+ years is completely gone. I knew that I could heal, but it's something else to witness when it actually happens. I hope you will keep this service available for many decades to come."

~Sammy De Luca, Ontario Canada