Thought you should know that I found out late Friday that I won my ticket on the trip to London sponsored by British Airways that is leaving on October 13th! I'm also going to Bahrain and Dubai! It was one of my requests during the workshop and I have really been focusing on it and it all worked! Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement!"

~Miki Shaler, Los Angeles

"Emmanuel was holding his monthly Group event at an art gallery in West Hollywood. I had never attended before, but something was telling me I had to be at the next one. Meanwhile, I have been in search of a space to create a holistic living center, and for a while had been comparing many different locations and figuring out exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it. So, as I arrived to Emmanuel's event, I said to myself, "Wow, this is really an ideal location, very central." Then I very easily found parking in the parking lot, and said, "Wow, how amazing there's free, easy parking." Then I entered the space and said, "Wow, what beautiful bamboo floors, I would love to have bamboo floors in my Center." Then I noticed 2 smaller rooms / offices, and thought, "Wow, that's exactly the kind of set up I'm looking for, one big room and 2 smaller rooms During the event, Emmanuel had us each stand up and declare our Manifestations to the group. I declared, "I have the most amazing center, in the most amazing location, providing the most amazing classes and services for the community. This or something better!" Little did I know at that moment, THAT I WAS STANDING IN MY CENTER TO BE!! It turns out the Gallery owner, Katie Moriarty, was looking to transition out of her space, and mentioned to Emmanuel who mentioned it to me maybe 1 month after I had been in the space for his class! And, Katie, who is an absolute Angel, already had Yoga classes and meditation classes happening there, so I was able to continue and build on what she had started! Needless to say, I found my perfect center! Yes, miracles are real!!"

~Stahsha, Los Angeles

I went to a Psychologist for 15 years and I got greater results with a only a few sessions with Emmanuel. If you are looking for answers and results, this work is the best I've seen yet!

~John Adler, Los Angeles

The music has shifted my life for the better in big ways! I can't even believe it!

~Lana Renee, France

Emmanuel, thank you so much! You have an incredible ability to create miracles in other people’s lives it seems and I am so glad that the world is starting to recognize your greatness. You are so humble and grateful all the time, yet at the same time the massive shifts I have witnessed in my life and some of my other friends’ lives who are your clients are just too big for words! You are filled with such integrity, light, and love! We are all truly blessed by you! K.

~Johnson, Los Angeles

1 session with Emmanuel and my allergies have been gone for a few years now!

~Tina Frost, Los Angeles

I love Emmanuel’s visionary manifesting audio. It has been a vital tool in my personal and spiritual growth. I love all the audio, but my favorites are ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘On Your Own.’ My clientele has doubled since using the audio. I look forward to experiencing more positive changes with Emmanuel’s work and music. The music itself is gorgeous.

~Carol Patterson, Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted to share with the group my success story. Last week, after our 'Stepping into your power' event, I felt so empowered. To give you a little background, I have been working at my current job for 4 years without ever receiving a raise. Just as I get ready to start looking for a new job, my boss out of the blue tells me how excellent of a job I am doing, and that the company would be a mess without me. This has happened the last 3 times I thought about leaving, which leads me to believe maybe my boss is psychic lol. Anyhow, on Monday after the event, I made a decision to ask for a raise. On Tuesday, I met with my boss & basically told them what was up. I was unattached to any specific outcome (which Emmanuel always talks to me about) and just had faith that it would work out for my highest & best good. I am happy to announce that I got a raise quite larger than what I asked for. Not only that, for the first time in my life I have stepped into my power and am no longer trying to please others in order for them to like me. Thank you Emmanuel!"

~Liz, Los Angeles

This is what I’ve been waiting for! The Magnified Manifesting technique is so easy to do, yet don’t let that fool you! This stuff is the most powerful technique I have found or used! Emmanuel, you are something else and I will tell everyone about you and your work!

~Jamie Zimmerman, NY, New York

"Mom was diagnosed with Cancer this past August. Our lives where turned upside down, because she was the rock of the family. Before starting any therapy, I brought her to Emmanuel to see what the root cause of the issue was. He found the root cause to be a complete lack of self-love, bottled up anger, and self-resentment. As he moved her through the session, I could literally see her body move from a stiff closed position to an expanded open position that I had not seen in years. While observing the session, I heard a 'clicking' sound towards the end and knew something major shifted. My mom even heard it. Emmanuel gave my mom some action steps to work on at home which promote self-love and forgiveness. I also purchased one of his beautiful audio downloads (Best Part of You) which is designed for physical healing. For one month, my mom listened to the audio everyday, and did the action steps designed to assist the healing he facilitated. Right before she was to begin chemo in September, she asked to be re-examined. I can still see the doctor's puzzled look on his face when he told us her body showed no sign of the cancer. We got a second opinion, and all was clear. To everyone out there, miracles DO happen! My mom has completely turned her life around and so have I! It was a wake-up call! Our faith, bond, and lives have been forever transformed. Even though Emmanuel always tells me 'You and your mother created this healing experience, not me,' I believe he has a special gift of creating miracles through his knowingness and trust that whatever it is you desire is already done to such a powerful degree, that it has to manifest. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Emmanuel, thank you." With deep appreciation,

~Lynette Hasslebeck, Los Angeles