Emmanuel is truly a master in his work! I have cleared both physical and emotional issues with ease! I am so grateful to know this being of love!

~Deidra, Los Angeles

Emmanuel's work has cleared my blocks and limiting beliefs, allowing me to release feelings of unworthiness which were @ the root of my sickness. This clarity has permitted me to see with gratitude, the unlimited blessings Source has for me and inspires me to manifest fully my Divine Energy and Connection with Higher Self. Thank You Emmanuel.

~J, Los Angeles

After listening to Emmanuel’s manifesting audio, I have been feeling spectacular positive internal shifts. Writing this testimonial made me remember that I have not experienced depression since I began listening to the music and working with him. I almost forgot about even ever having it, when it used to be so debilitating. That pretty much sums up how powerful this stuff is and I have recommended this audio and Emmanuel's work to all my friends and loved ones.

~M. Carlson, Orange County, CA

I instantly felt the most positive energy from Emmanuel’s music. Needless to say, my shifts have been awesome! My relationship with my son has completely mended after years of strain, and for the first time in my life, I have true confidence and high self-esteem which has resulted in the expansion of my business. Miracles can happen, and I’m thankful that I met someone who is able to facilitate them on a constant basis for people. Thanks Em!

~Debbie Lackey, Denver, CO

Emmanuel facilitates mega miracles in a down-to-earth way!

~V. Stephen, Los Angeles, CA

Oh my Goodness! I have been working with Emmanuel’s manifesting technique, and I can’t believe how powerful it is! During the process itself I feel so relaxed and almost as if I received a healing or something, but what I’ve been seeing in the weeks to follow have been amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~Amanda Linney, Los Angeles, CA

I got rid of my arthritis after working with Emmanuel, and by attending his los Angeles group events. He's changed my life!

~Maggie, Los Angeles

After 8 months of having no job, Emmanuel was able to help me manifest the job of my dreams. Thank you Emmanuel. You are truly a gift. I will share your work with everyone I know.

~Jimmy, Florida

After working with Emmanuel, I got a raise at work that exceeded my expectations! I am still shocked at how fast it happened. I just booked my first vacation in over 10 years because I can now easily afford it. Emmanuel is a treasure you must experience!

Syd Lawrence, Los Angeles

"One day after working with Emmanuel on forgiveness, I got a phone call that has forever changed my life. I have been looking for my biological mother for over 30 years, but knew I had more forgiving to do before I could ever meet her, that's why I could never find her. I wasn't even sure if she would want to speak with me after all this time. Needless to say, it was my mother on the other line and I am still in shock. It feels good and I'm still crying with joy. Thank you!"

~M.V., Los Angeles