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Core Energy Therapy® Music


What is Core Energy Therapy® Music?

Core Energy Therapy music is a series of recordings that work on a deep subconscious level to assist you in creating the life you desire.

It’s also an incredibly fun and simple way to resonate with vibrations that will help you heal inside and out, manifest abundance, and expand your awareness.

Each song is infused with sound healing frequencies.

These have been scientifically proven to promote a shift in energy, leading to vibrant health and wholeness!

Whether you’re actively listening or just have them on in the background, listening these songs is a powerful way to experience transformation from the inside-out.

A unique manifesting and energy healing protocol has been recorded within each song, just below the threshold of sound.

Though you’ll consciously hear only fun and uplifting pop/top 40-style music, positive shifts will be happening.

The energy will be working on a deep subconscious level, to significantly enhance and accelerate the transformation process.

Each song has also been attuned to the 528 hertz “Love” frequency.

The Earth itself vibrates with a tone that resonates at 528 hertz, which has been called the “Love/Peace frequency.”

John Lennon recorded his song “Imagine” in 528 Hz, because the vibration in that tuning broadcasts the frequencies of peace and compassion.

Paul McCartney and other top artists such as Ameriie have also recorded while tuned to the 528 Hz frequency.

Listening to music that carries this frequency can enhance your healing and spiritual transformation, lift your overall vibration, and help you experience an increased sense of well-being.

With the amazing combination of sound healing and the transformative 528 Hz vibration, you’re sure to experience incredible shifts in your life!

Enhance the effects even further by listening with stereo headphones. 

To listen to the samples, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Audio downloads CETM

If you can't wait for the CD to arrive—if you want to start experiencing transformational music right now—just download the full MP3 below.

Purchasing the entire album as a digital download means you’ll get 25% off the cost of buying all 8 songs individually.

This is the perfect way to get a whole suite of healing!

 The Album includes the following tracks:

Beautiful World

On Your Own

So Amazing

Just Believe

Best Part of You

Mystic Girl

Transformations (instrumental)

Live Your Life (instrumental)

(Audio samples of each song are below)

$17.99 - Full album download



The music you are about to listen to took more than three years to create.

I wanted to be sure that every bit of frequency and vibration supports you on your journey to creating a more miraculous life.

For optimum results, listen to the desired audio twice a day.

As you listen to the music, you will notice subtle, positive shifts. Over time, these will lead to extraordinary transformations.

If you are at all energy-sensitive, you WILL absolutely respond to the high, positive energies in this music!

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Beautiful World

This fun dance tune carries manifesting and healing frequencies specifically designed to help you attract more financial abundance.

A special bonus frequency works to clear any blocks you may have to attracting money and abundance. This will help clear any doubts, fears and worries you may have around money on a deep subconscious level.

These frequencies will open up your energy, allowing more money and abundance to flow into your life. This track is a client favorite!


Click to download in MP3 format (706.76kB)

So Amazing

This upbeat song holds a manifesting and healing vibration designed to help you attract positive and healthy relationships. These frequencies will also help to heal any current relationships that are unbalanced or unhealthy.

This protocol was created to bring all your relationships to a higher level, including those with your romantic partner, friends, family and colleagues.



Click to download in MP3 format (791.87kB)

On Your Own

The manifesting and healing protocol in this soulful track is all about helping you to fully love, accept and approve of yourself.

This protocol will also assist you in manifesting healthy self-confidence, and help you start taking amazing care of yourself.

This is the foundation needed to build the biggest positive changes in our lives!



Click to download in MP3 format (706.76kB)

Mystic Girl

This mystical-sounding song carries a healing and manifesting frequency designed to help you grow and expand your spiritual awareness.

These vibrations will help you to expand your consciousness in the highest and best way according to your unique path, manifesting your growth at the pace that’s right for you.



Click to download in MP3 format (706.76kB)

Best Part of You

This soulful tune holds vibrations that promote optimal health on all levels—physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

This audio is also infused with a powerful combination of sound therapy, Subconscious Energy Therapy, and holistic energy healing, to promote quick recovery.

I’ve noticed that those who work with this protocol also gain a more positive outlook on life!


Click to download in MP3 format (706.77kB)

Just Believe

The manifesting and healing protocol embedded in this upbeat track will help you operate from a place of knowing that all your needs are met.

From this space, you can open up to all the good the Universe has in store for you! You’ll be coming from a place of all-needs-met rather than lack, going with the flow of the Universe rather than swimming upstream.

I’ve also added a protocol on feeling satisfied and fulfilled in all areas of life. When you live life from this space, everything falls into place with ease and grace. “Easy breezy” will be your motto.

This healing track is another client favorite!


Click to download in MP3 format (706.77kB)


The healing and manifesting frequencies in this instrumental track are designed to promote positive transformations and shifts in all areas of your life!

Enjoy the positive beat as this audio creates within you a general sense of well-being, rejuvenation and mental clarity.



Click to download in MP3 format (706.76kB)

Live your life

This fun dance tune carries a manifesting and healing protocol that helps generate inner joy, laughter, openness to life, and inner peace!

The energies here will also reactivate your zest and excitement for life. This is also a client favorite—and it might just make you want to dance!



Click to download in MP3 format (706.77kB)

Album Credits

All songs written, composed and performed by Emmanuel Dagher

Arranged by Emmanuel Dagher & Joe Augello for J.M.A. Music

Published by Magnified Manifesting Inc.

Production & Vocal Production by Emmanuel for Magnified Manifesting Inc.