"I have been part of many membership programs from the top healers and teachers out there, and Emmanuel, your Club Miracles monthly service has been the one that has made the most amazing difference in my life, and in the lives of all the friends I have introduced to your work. With the amount of support and healing you offer,  I can't believe Club Miracles is as affordable as it is! So many other top energy workers charge 10 times more than this, with little to no results! It's obvious you are NOT doing this for the money, but because you truly want to help people. My health and well being have never been better, and the abundance in my life has grown quickly!" ~ Judy Palino, New York.


Welcome to Club Miracles


  Receive monthly Soul nourishing tune-ups



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You are a miraculous being of Light, on a journey to increased love, abundance and expansion.

In this time of unprecedented awakening on the planet, millions of people around the world are asking for miracles.

They are asking to see their life path clearly, and to have the courage to align with it completely. 

These Divine beings are ready for loving relationships. They are also ready to experience complete abundance in all areas of their lives which includes greater health, and a deeper connection to the joy within and all around them.

The energies reaching our beautiful Earth right now are helping to transform all of us into our Higher Selves. They're bringing extraordinary changes physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Most of us are also experiencing an increased desire to manifest our dreams.  

For anyone on a mindful path, having the right kind of support right now can be invaluable.

That’s why it’s a privilege for me to provide you with powerful healing and support every month, in a super-accessible way. 


Club Miracles

Receive ongoing  loving support through monthly healing sessions  


Since 2006, I have humbly witnessed Club Miracles expand into a powerful vortex of healing and positive transformation in the lives of all those who become part of the Club Miracles family.

Something powerful happens when two or more unite in agreement and support each other's highest visions. These vision manifest more quickly!

Not only do we begin to shift quickly when this happens. We also impact and elevate the world in profound ways, beyond what the mind can comprehend.

 If you are ready to receive consistent support and healing, then I am grateful to offer you this service!

I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have easy access to holistic healing and energy support. That’s why it is so important to me that I make this powerful monthly service available so that you can have this kind of support in a super-affordable way.


club miracles includes




Every third Sunday of each month at

10:00 AM Pacific/ 1:00PM Eastern, via phone or Skype,

you will receive a LIVE 1 hour healing session to help you thrive in the direction of your highest vision.

Topics we’ve covered in the past have included:

  • Dissolving the blocks to receiving financial abundance
  • Healing our relationships with ourselves and others
  • Attracting Romantic Love
  • Creating greater physical well-being and healing
  • Increasing our self-confidence and feelings of worthiness/self-worth
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Embracing change
  • Knowing our purpose
  • And much more!  

If you’re not able to make the LIVE sessions every time, a recording is always provided for you shortly after the LIVE session takes place, and is sent straight to your email.

Listening to the recording of the session will allow you to receive the exact same benefits of the LIVE healing sessions, which you can listen to at your own convenience.


Club Miracles is here to support you on your miraculous journey!

It’s important to receive consistent support during these times of great change, and it’s my honor to provide this service to you.




These session are facilitated for you remotely every

 first Thursday of the month at

7:00 PM Pacific Time / 10:00 PM Eastern Time

You don’t even need to call in!  

Because this is a remote healing session, you’ll be able to receive these healing energies anywhere, and anytime.

If you are energetically sensitive and would like to feel into the session, you can simply find a quiet place to meditate and connect with our healing vortex.

For these remote sessions, I ask that you send me your full name and date of birth. This allows me to connect with your unique energy signature during each session, allowing for a more potent healing experience.




*When you subscribe to Club Miracles, you will receive a special welcome message within 24 hours, delivered straight to your in-box, which includes a Special FREE audio gift just for you! ($225 value)

Pamper yourself and invest in your well-being


(I wanted it to be super affordable and accessible for everyone!)

 To become a member of this healing circle, I have

You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe through PayPal at any time.



As part of my commitment to continue co-creating the most sacred and magical of circles with you through Club Miracles:

you will have the opportunity to share a desired manifestation/intention that you’d like for me to hold the space for each month during my daily meditations and prayers. You will also have 3 of the most powerful healing practitioners I know (who I have invited to be parth of the Club Miracles family) hold the space for you throughout the month so that your blesings are magnified many fold.

Now THAT is miraculous!!!

You will receive all the details of how this works when you sign up!



*1 NourishUp® Session ($225 VALUE)

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As life happens, sometimes our mind gets caught up in the day to day grind, which often results in us feeling disconnected, stuck and exhausted.


As a member of the Club Miracles family, you will receive a NourishUp® Session every month. This healing activation will be randomly facilitated during the month. The intention of this activation is to provide all Club Miracles members with a spiritual tune-up so that their mind, hormones, and emotional body receive the opportunity to feel balanced, and reconnected to all things Spirit again.


The exciting thing about this session is that you will never be told as to when it takes place. However, those energetically sensitive in our Club Miracles family often message me sharing right after, and share that they have just felt one or several of the following experiences: A deep sense of inner peace, calm, euphoria, joy, zest for life, clarity, higher insights/wisdom, and a feeling that everything is going to be okay. All of these experiences are simply the manifestation of being in 'flow' which is actually when we are at our most powerful, and are able to create and attract the highest vision of our lives with the most ease.


Look at this as an extra spiritual boost to support you with receiving the healing work you and I are co-creating together, and any support you are receiving through reading books, taking part in personal development practices, and other practitioners you may be working with.


Important : Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after each session. Being well-hydrated really supports the process of healing, releasing and moving to a higher level.


If you are at all energy sensitive, you WILL feel the energy at work during the session.

If you don’t immediately feel the energy moving in these sessions, that’s OK. It’s not only about what we feel during the session. It’s about the blessings that continue to show up in our lives over the following days, weeks and months ahead.

Be mindful of the dreams, insights, opportunities, feelings and shifts that begin to show up in your life, no matter how small or large they may seem .

And remember to show the Universe gratitude, so that the blessings can multiply for you.

 "One of the best things I have ever done for myself is to be part of Emmanuel's Miracle Circle. After 1 year of receiving this service, I have 3 journals packed with blessings and positive shifts that have changed me forever. The world is no longer grey but instead a colorful and blissful place to be. I attest a big part of this change to being a member of Club Miracles. It's a subtle, powerful and super affordable way to receive healing and support!" ~ Karen Sommers, Portland Oregon.


So if you are feeling an energetic "YES!" to

co-creating greater blessings together,

then I lovingly welcome you to the Club Miracles family!

 This service will open up to  the general public once or twice per year. If you'd like to find out more, please email me at: emowave19@sbcglobal.net.

"Having been part of the Club Miracles family for 5 years, the happiest and most abundant times I've ever experienced in my life have happened during this time. Coincidence? I think not! Thank you thank you thank you!" ~ Coleen Vruggink / Germany

"Emmanuel, the miracles I receive consistently since starting Club Miracles are too many to count, but I do want to send you my deepest gratitude and love for creating such a sacred space for miracles to become common place for so many. I have decided that you ARE Mr. Miracles." ~ Anna Marie Cobb / Oregon

"When I chose to be part of Club Miracles, I was not in the best place physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I can't even believe the person I was back then, and the person I have become now. It is a complete 180 degree shift. I know you say that it was all me who made it happen, and that you had nothing to do with it (because that's the kind of person you are) but I just have to say it was as you would say a "Divine Collaboration." Thank you thank you thank you! ~ Carol Joy / Colorado

To read what other members are saying about what they've experienced with Club Miracles, please visit our Success Stories page.

This service opens up twice a year to keep the integrity of the healing work optimal. If you are interested, check in with me at emowave19@sbcglobal.net to see if there may be an opening sooner.

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