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I am honored to provide the following healing services in person and through phone/Skype:

Core Energy Therapy® - A powerful modality that allows the practitioner to use applied Quantum Physics and Energy Healing to restore physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing for the client. Once a connection is established between the client and myself, I use my training and intuitive abilities to release deeply rooted subconscious blocks, traumas, and energetic stresses for the client from their first point of conception.

Once the healing takes place, the client expands and quickly begins to align with more positive life-enhancing thought patterns that then begin to show up in their life as incredible positive transformation. When the mind shifts, life shifts. This process is quick, easy, powerful, and absolutely life enhancing! Core Energy Therapy® was developed using my vast background in positive Psychology, Holistic Healing (Energetic Medicine, Advanced Theta Healing, Zero Point Therapy), and Quantum Physics. The result of this work has resulted in amazing shifts on the deepest core physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual levels. The best part is that it doesn't have to take life-times anymore to experience these kind of results!

Quantum Physics studies show us that the observer (each of one us) influences the observed (our individual life experiences) through deliberate thought and emotion. The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that a person's belief systems and thought patterns create their experiences. When they start living from this conscious awareness, they begin to re-focus their thought patterns in a more positive direction and take responsibility of their lives, no longer living as a victim, but as co-creator.

Although many of us work with positive affirmations, read spiritual books, and find many wonderful tools to work harmoniously with the Law of Attraction, many times we still experience blocks and issues that keep us from living the lives we desire most for ourselves. These blocks can present themselves in any area of relationships, finances, health, inner-happiness, confidence, creativity, career, and so forth. For example: In our conscious mind, we could believe we are worthy and deserving of having lots of money, yet it doesn’t show up in our lives? Why is this?

Quantum Physics has also found that 90% of our experiences manifest from our subconscious (unconscious) mind, while only 10% manifest from our conscious mind. It has been further stated that the average human consciously only uses 5-6% of their brain at most. So, where are we picking up the limiting and unhealthy belief patterns that are affecting our subconcious mind and manifesting in our physical experience? It can come from ancestors, television, radio, personal experience, unresolved trauma, and society. If we are not paying attention, we pick up these limiting thought patterns and internalize them which projects out as our reality experience. Back to our example, although we consciously feel we are worthy and deserving of having lots of money, subconsciously we might believe otherwise. This is when Core Energy Therapy® can greatly assist you! It's literally cell-deep! Many clients who experience trauma in their lives find this work clears it out like nothing else, because it's cleared from it's first point of conception. It doesn't have to take lifetimes anymore or be that hard! Often, I find the client comes in to address one specific thing, and leaves having transformed so much more than what they came to see me for.

Magnified Manifesting™
- I am so honored to bring you a life-changing process that will introduce you to the 5 most important steps to manifesting your deepest desires. If you are feeling disconnected from the idea that you can indeed live your highest vision of your life now, or feel like it's just a future idea, then the Magnified Manifesting process is absolutely something you want to experience! The Magnified Manifesting process also alchemically teaches you how to manifest by using both your conscious and subconscious mind. (left & right brain) Quantum Physics has clearly shown us that 90% of our experience is a projection of our subconscious mind, and only 10% from our conscious mind. Meaning that by working with this process, we can manifest using 100% of our mind. Imagine what the results of that will be! Living your highest visions will no longer be a future idea but a present reality. With a little bit of insight and a lot of fun & creativity, you too will unlock your ability to be an amazing conscious deliberate manifestor!

Medical Intuitive Reading - Every physical imbalance we experience is simply feedback to a deeper emotional root cause preventing us from being in alignment with our natural state of well-being. Through Medical Intuitive Readings, we are able to find the root emotional cause(s) of the underlining physical imbalance(s), allowing a person to receive clarity as to where these imbalances may be stemming from, which then gives them the opportunity to make the necessary shifts that can support them back to optimum health & wholeness. Usually, a 15 minute session should be more than enough for those who may only have 1 or 2 physical symptoms they would like to receive clarity on. If you feel you have more things you'd like to receive clarity on, please factor in a longer amount of time for your session. This reading is less about us doing an actual energy healing/clearing session, & more about providing you with a deeper understanding to what you can do to begin healing yourself of the root cause of any physical imbalances(s) you may be experiencing.

Divine Love Activation - Each activation operates from the deep knowing that love heals everything. During a Divine Love Activation, the client will bask in the energy of pure Unconditional Love. Many of my clients have shared that when receiving each activation, it's as if they & their inner child are being nurtured & healed back to optimum emotional, mental, and physical health in the womb of  the Universe. The intention of each Activation is to provide a safe & loving environment that allows you to reconnect with your truest core Divine Self & to magnify your love quotient. Clients may experience joyful bursts of laughter (as if out of no where), the releasing of tears, deep relaxation, and a sense of peace during the session. Some may even find a bit of resistance come up at first, because the mind/body has been so disconnected for so long, however that changes quickly. Over time, many begin to notice amazing shifts start to manifest in their lives. These activations are especially beneficial for those who have a challenge being vulnerable, open, & intimate with themselves, others, and the Universe.

Ancient Egyptian Numerology Reading (Gematria)
Special Note -this service is fully booked until early 2013 due to high volume , if you would like to be on a waiting list, simply send me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it & we'll make sure to get you on there Gematria is a form of ancient Egyptian numerology that gives each person insights into themselves, and the world around them. This system assists in understanding the purpose and lessons we each have to experience. It also gives insights into self knowledge, as it expands and awakens a person's spiritual consciousness. Each personal chart is divided up into eight sections – the personality, body, mind, spirit, soul, at heart, consciousness and life purpose. The Gematria Chart addresses a person's past, present and future in terms of how they came into this life, what they are here to learn, and how to step into their greatest self.

A Gematria reading will be recorded and made available for each person to keep as a valuable tool of reference for the rest of their life. This amazing system leaves nothing out, from business to relationships it can all be covered in a chart reading.

Miracle Mentoring Session
- Have you noticed how some people seem to attract miracle after miracle in their lives without much effort? If you are ready to learn how to start attracting more blessings and seeming 'miracles' in your life, a Miracle or Life Coaching session is for you. If you're feeling stuck and are looking to move forward in a way that is outside the box, it would be my absolute honor to assist you. Together, we will start moving you into a space of more joy, ease, and fullfillment by using time tested processes & tools of transformation.



If you have any questions about any of these services, please feel free to contact me at 1.310.770.0194 or via email at

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Disclaimer: Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatments or your health care provider. Energy healing can be used safely with any medication, not replace it. If you need medical assistance, please contact your local health care provider.


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