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Heal I Prosper I Thrive

"Emmanuel represents a new kind of visionary, one that empowers others to connect with the visionary in themselves..."

-Jennifer McClure


Welcome my beautiful friend!

We are now in a monumental time of change on our planet where personal & global transformation is becoming a daily part of our experience.

All offerings on this site have been designed to support you in creating a more smooth & graceful transition into your greatest life's vision!

Here are a few samples of what we can co-create more of together:

Optimum Physical & Emotional Wellbeing

Inner Happiness

Positive Relationships

Spiritual Expansion

Financial Abundance

Ease and Grace


Creative Satisfaction


Self Confidence


Fun & Play

Clarity, and much more!

I'm Emmanuel, and I am deeply honored for the opportunity to assist you in manifesting your greatest life now!


As a Holistic Healer, Teacher, Transformation Specialist, & Medical Intuitive; I have committed my life to studying, developing, and teaching some of the most potent and life-changing energy healing technologies and processes on the planet so that I can support others to living their greatest life now!

It's with great joy that I have the honor to co-create amazing shifts with you on your amazing journey!

The purpose of all offerings at Magnified Manifesting™ is to anchor positive transformation in each client's life. Together, we will co-create miracles that will expand you quantum leaps towards the greatest vision you have of you life!

I am honored to provide the following services to assist you on your amazing journey: (All services available through telephone, Skype, or in person)

*Core Energy Therapy® - An advanced super-charged form of energy healing that uses applied Quantum Physics, Energy Therapy, and Theta Healing to quickly release the physical, mental, and emotional blocks, stresses, and traumas one might be carrying unconsciously keeping them from experiencing their greatest desires. The key to why this modality is so powerful is that all healing is done from the zero point energy field (also known as the space of infinite possibility.) Here, we are able to create from a space of neutrality and the present moment where attracting our greatest desire is immediately magnified. This is the sacred space where we are able to bring forth healing & transformation from the invisible into the visible realm. This modality has been knocking the socks off my clients!

*Magnified Manifesting™ Session - A revolutionary process I developed that first brings to light the 5 most important steps to deliberate manifesting and transformation, then teaches the client a powerful applied technique of how to manifest quickly using both their conscious and subconscious mind. Quantum Physics has clearly shown us that 90% of our experience is a projection of our subconscious mind, and 10% from our conscious mind.  Meaning that by working with this process, instead of only tapping into the 10% of our mind that we use most of the time, we connect to 100% of it.  Living your highest visions will no longer be a future idea but a present reality. This process has literally been life-changing for many of my clients, including myself and I'm so excited to share it with you!

*Medical Intuitive Reading - Every physical imbalance we experience is simply feedback to a deeper emotional root cause preventing us from being in alignment with our natural state of well-being. Through Medical Intuitive Readings, we are able to find the root emotional cause(s) of the underlining physical imbalance(s), allowing a person to receive clarity as to where these imbalances may be stemming from, which then gives them the opportunity to make the necessary shifts that can support them back to optimum health & wholeness.

*Divine Love Activation - Each activation operates from the deep knowing that love heals everything. During a Divine Love Activation, the client will bask in the energy of pure Unconditional Love. Many of my clients have shared that when receiving each activation, it's as if they & their inner child are being nurtured & healed back to emotional, mental, and physical health in the womb of  the Universe. The intention of each Activation is to provide a safe & loving environment that allows you to reconnect with your truest core Divine Self. Clients may experience joyful bursts of laughter (as if out of no where), the releasing of tears, deep relaxation, and a sense of peace during the session. Over time, many begin to notice amazing shifts start to manifest in their lives. These activations are especially beneficial for those who have a challenge being vulnerable & intimate with themselves, others, and the Universe.

*Ancient Egyptian Numerology Reading (Gematria) - Experience an ancient and absolute spot on scientific and spiritual based system that provides clarity in every aspect of a person's life. This amazing system leaves nothing out, from business to relationships it's all in the chart. This system is so detailed, it can also show the client what's ahead for them in the coming year, business and  personal relationship compatibility, how to align with their highest potential! To learn more, check out the services page! *Special note- this service is currently booked until early 2013.

*Miracle Mentoring Session - Have you noticed how some people seem to attract miracle after miracle in their lives without much effort? If you are ready to learn how to start attracting more blessings and seeming 'miracles' in your life, a Miracle Coaching session is for you. If you're feeling stuck and are looking to move forward in a way that is outside the box, it would be my absolute honor to assist you. Together, we will start moving you into a space of more joy, ease, and fullfillment by using time tested processes & tools of transformation.

and ...

*Powerful Music Therapy- With an abundance of wonderful shifts to date, Core Energy Music is sure to assist you in attracting more of the things you desire out of life! Many of my clients find that by adding the music into their own personal and spiritual practices, their desired shifts occur more quickly.
* And guess what? I am gifting you one F*R*E*E* song from the C.E.T.M. healing music collection! Check it out below. (Turn it up and feel the energies)

If you are at all energy sensitive, you will feel the energies from this music!

This music download is my gift to you, so you can start attracting more abundance in your life right this minute! Notice how the abundance starts to show up in your life in the coming weeks and months. It may show up as a new job, a new opportunity, a friend inviting you to lunch, or a new idea you come up with that brings in more abundance into your life. The blessings will show up in many ways. Make sure to express your gratitude to the Universe, which will in turn attract more blessings in your life!

Want more? Sample the full album HERE


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Disclaimer: Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatments or your health care provider. Energy healing can be used safely with any medication, not replace it. If you need medical assistance, please contact your local health care provider.


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