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Powerful Self-Love Technique to Improve Our Relationships


Hi my friend,

here's a powerful self-love technique to improve our relationships.

Many people understand the concept and importance of self-love and how it affects relationships, yet many also ask me how to put it into practice. Here is a powerful technique I've developed that provides a simple way to transform our relationship with ourselves and helps us begin to operate from a much higher vibration of self-love and acceptance.

Most people know that it is important to love oneself. By loving and nurturing ourselves, we satisfy the “void” that we often look to others to fill, and which they rarely can. Whether it is a romantic partnership or friend relationship, the old standard may start off feeling wonderful, but then we begin to create distorted expectations of how our partner “should” be and why they are not being that specific way for us.

For the most part, the reason this happens is because most people are looking outside of themselves to fill a void that might be filled for a short time, but will come back again and again until some form of awakening occurs in which we understand that the only person who can fill this void is ourselves. Once you operate from a space of complete love and acceptance of self, then you begin to attract the highest and best people into your life who are also operating from this space. Then… wow! Miracles abound!

Think about how blissful it would be for two people to enter a relationship from a space of already being completely satisfied and fulfilled! No one would “need” the other to feel complete, which is actually what starts to cause rifts in a relationship in the first place. Imagine how amazing the love, joy, harmony, and understanding shared between the two people would be, because each person already feels whole and complete from within. Many people understand this concept, but always ask me how to put it into practice.

Here is an extremely powerful technique I have created, which is one way to transform your relationship with yourself and help you begin to operate from a much higher vibration of self-love and acceptance.

Step 1: Take 3 deep breaths

Step 2: Close your eyes, uncross the arms and legs so that you are open and receptive to transformation.

Step 3
: In your mind’s eye, remember the beginning stages of a time when you were falling in love with your first or greatest love. Seeing the person is not important, it is the feelings of the experience that we want to generate.

Do you remember how excited you were to see them? How you would count the seconds? How you always thought about them every waking moment? How you wanted to shout “I LOVE YOU” on every rooftop you could, because you just could not hold it in any longer?

Good, now immerse yourself into those feelings for about one minute.

Step 4: Visualize those feelings as a beautiful, sparkly, emerald green light that begins to generate within you. The more you feel into these feelings, the larger and brighter this green light becomes.

Step 5: Now, direct all the vibration of those feelings & the emerald green light towards YOURSELF! Start feeling those feelings of “I LOVE YOU” and excitement towards yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit in the exact same way you would have done towards your partner. Fall in love with yourself.

Step 6: Feel into these feelings for two minutes.

Step 7: State the following affirmation for at least one minute: “I fully love every cell of my being unconditionally!”

Visualize the emerald light as it saturates every part of your body, mind, emotions and spirit while you repeat this phrase!

Take 3 deep breaths again, and breathe in the full experience of this moment of bliss. Allow the hairs on your body to stand and the chills to take over you! If you don’t experience them, that’s okay.

It’s time to love ourselves.

This is the new paradigm.

In loving ourselves first, we are able to be so much more for the world!


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